On 13 Juky 2017 our team  (Jano, Seivan, and Johannes) visited the children's center at the Khanké IDP Camp in Duhok Province. Equiped with newly donated GoPro cameras, our purpose for the visit was to meet perspective students, give them an orientation on the GoPro cameras, and to set our first summer filmmaking workshop. The children were enthusiastic and easily adapted to the user-friendly cameras as shown in the video above.

Khanké is the largest Yazidi IDP camp opened on 6/8/2014 with 3,120 tents housing 16,460 IDPs. It is one of the largest and oldest camps in the province. Although it has a few aminities, including the makeshift school where we met the coordinators and the students, the children were playing on the swings under the scorching sun in a yard filled with pebbles. Our first mission is to build a tent to cover the 400-square-meter yard and replace the pebbles with soft tar or a grass bed.



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