2nd Global Migration Film Festival (GMFF):
12 to 18 December 2017

PFI coordinated the second Global Migration Film Festival in Erbil, Kurdistan region of Iraq. The event was organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the UN Migration Agency. The festival kicked off with special screenings at Qushtapa refugee camp (12 December) and Ashti IDP camp (13 December), then opened to the public on 14 December at La Dolce Vita café in Erbil and continued to International Migrants Day on 18 December.

The festival which was organized by more than 100 of IOM’s country missions across the world is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and unique contributions of migrants to the communities and countries where they live. It is also a tribute to the many films that capture the beauty and challenges of migration and bring these realities to audiences around the world. The Film Festival is part of the UN's “Together” global campaign to promote diversity and inclusion. The movies and documentaries shown during this festival come from all regions of the world.




3rd Anniversary of Shingal (Sinjar) massacre:
3 August 2017

PFI held the 3rd anniversary commemorating the Shingal (Sinjar) massacre at Jano's Cinema Cafe in Erbil, Kurdistan with a candle light vigil and a presentation of testimonial film and photo collage by Seivan M. Salim and speeches by author/newsreporter Judit Neurick and Dave Dawson of Free Kurdistan Rangers. The films can be seen here.









Photos courtesy of Raber Aziz, IOM Org.


Khanké IDP camp film workshop orientation:
13 July 2017

Our team  (Jano, Seivan, and Johannes) visited the children's center at the Khanké IDP Camp in Duhok Province. Equipped with newly donated GoPro cameras, our purpose for the visit was to meet perspective students, give them an orientation on the GoPro cameras, and to set our first summer filmmaking workshop. The children were enthusiastic and easily adapted to the user-friendly cameras as shown in the video above.

Khanké is the largest Yazidi IDP camp opened on 6/8/2014 with 3,120 tents housing 16,460 IDPs. It is one of the largest and oldest camps in the province. Although it has a few amenities, including the makeshift school where we met the coordinators and the students, the children were playing on the swings under the scorching sun in a yard filled with pebbles. Our first mission is to build a tent to cover the 400-square-meter yard and replace the pebbles with soft tar or a grass bed.


Photos by Seivan M. Salim.


A Photo exhibition for sexual Violence in Conflict presented by the Office of the Special Representative at the United Nations visitors Lobby in New York City, January 30 to February 28, 2017.

Five artists from various countries are presented at a month-long exhibition launched on January 30 and to continue through February 28. Among the exhibitors is our own team member, Seivan M. Salim, whose collection of photographs of Yazidi women victims of sexual slavery have been presented in numerous respected publications, among them National Geographic, Le Monde, The Guardian, Associated Press, Daily Beast, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Ladona (Italy), NRC and De Volkskrant (Netherlands). Her work has also been exhibited in Geneva, New York, London, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Tehran, Rasht, and at the Shanidar Arts Expo in Erbil, Kurdistan.

Seivan's section of the exhibition is under the title Women Who Escaped From ISIL. The photographs showcase the women who had escaped from slavery and were haunted by their stories.
Links: http://proof.nationalgeographic.com/…/women-escaped-slaver…/ and http://www.mapofdisplacement.com/escaped/.



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