Acting and filmmaking workshops for the youth, and especially for those who were abducted by ISIL and subjected to sexual slavery and torture. Our aim is to teach the victims the basics of digital storytelling and help them film their stories for the world to see. Read more...

Rosebiani films have been screened at various refugee and IDP camps in the Duhok and Erbil provinces in Kurdistan. To stay true to this tradition, PFI will continue screening family oriented films in camps across the region with our newly acquired Cine-mobile. We hope the screenings will help alleviate some of the pain and trauma especially among the children.

Our screenings will include "Alegria" and "Sanltimbanco" by Cirque du Soleil, and "One Candle, Two Candles" by Evini Films.

Our work will not be complete without getting the voices heard. We work diligently to have the films and documentaries reach the right audience in all corners of the world by submitting them to world film festivals, and holding screenings in schools, churches, and community centers in Europe, North America, Australia, and parts of Asia.

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