Daughters of the Light
a film project illuminating the plight of thousands of Yezidi women who were raped and tortured by ISIS, over 3000 remain in slavery in unknown locations. The goal is to raise International awareness, see the slaves freed, the mentally and physically injured restored, and the perpetrators of this horrific genocide brought to Justice and to prevent them from committing any future atrocities.
International Peace Film Festival - iPFF
PFI has begun preparations to put together the first annual international human rights film festival in the region’s capital, Erbil. The festival will serve as a bridge between local filmmakers and the world film community, and help introduce foreign filmmakers to the crisis particular to the region.
The House of Hope
A TV drama series centering on a women's shelter and dealing with domestic violence. The UN Women Organization sponsored the pilot of the series, however production of additional episodes has not come to fruition due to lack of support. PFI will help facilitate sponsorships to give this much-needed series a go. View the Pilot
Citadel Cinematheque
As part of our commitment to empowering the art of self-expression through cinema, we have undertaken an important project to build a cinema inside the Erbil Citadel. The Citadel is one of the rare places that has been continuously inhabited for thousands of years and is now listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. UNESCO meanwhile has been sponsoring a project to preserve the citadel.


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