Sponsor a Star - SAS

While our school is for everyone, we are placing a special focus on lesser privileged communities, refugees, and the internally displaced. We believe that there are great many gems to be discovered among these sectors of the society and that most will not likely have the chance to utililize their talent and pursue a career in filmmaking or in the arts in general. Such creative minds and artistically inclined children and teenagers of today can be the stars of tomorrow if given proper guidance. To provide them the opportunities and space to follow their dreams we have created a flexible sponsorship program called 'Sponsor a Star' or SaS.

We invite charity groups, governmental entities, NGOs, corporations, and individuals to sponsor one or multiple students. Perspective students will be handpicked from public schools, orphanage homes, and refugee/IDP camps.
The sponsorship entails covering the tuition of one or more applicants. A connection and correspondence will be set in place between students and their sponsors. The sponsors will receive quarterly performance reports and will be invited to attend the graduation ceremonies.

To sponsor a star please CONTACT US.

We consider ourselves the voice of a people without any other effective means to make their issues a part of the public discussion. Our focus is on humanitarian issues and the injustices that so many endure with no apparent redress.
We are the “Voice of the Voiceless.

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